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In shelter Cat

Chicago, IL, 60614
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby (Brown / Chocolate)
Coat length:
***This sweet kitty needs a new Foster home ASAP!  Please contact if interested for details****

Daffy has a lot of fiery kitten energy despite no longer being a kitten!  She loves to play all morning long, until she is worn out and needs to take her afternoon nap. This kitty is a mega cuddler. If there is a lap to sit on, she will take it! Daffy is not shy to new people. She loves to greet guests and warms up very quickly to people and will play with everyone. She will even ride on your shoulders if she had grown attached to you!

Daffy’s favorite toys are her rope on a stick, her fish and mouse stuffed animals, feathers, most of all – her cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are her favorite thing to run into during playtime. When she gets her afternoon zoomies, she’ll run all over the apartment, sliding in and out of her boxes.  She has great Kung-fu moves as well!

Her nights are spent sleeping right next to her foster parents with her head on the pillow, all night long. She loves to be the little spoon during the night in bed. Little is known about Daffy’s past, but we do know that she waltzed her way into a feral cat colony in the suburbs of Chicago and was brought to Chicago Cat Rescue pretty soon after that. 

We plan to place Daffy in a home on her own. It’s worth remembering that single cats are at risk for becoming lonely and bored. Like all “single” cats, Daffy depends on her humans to meet her needs for companionship.  For this reason, we would like to place her in a home in which her human family members work remote much of the time, and do not have extended work hours outside the home.

If you would like to meet and possibly adopt this amazing feline, please email or call 773/203-0215. No texts, please.

CCR adopts to forever homes in Chicago or the very near suburbs that are within 10 miles of our Chicago foster families. We love our cats and we pledge support for the rest of their lives, which is why our location limits are in place. We appreciate your understanding. If you are outside of these limits, please check, which allows searching by zip code, for cats closer to your home.

At Chicago Cat Rescue, we are dedicated to both the physical and emotional well-being of the cats and kittens in our care. For this reason, unless expressly stated, we do not place cats or kittens in homes where they will be the only cat. Generally, cats love the company of other cats, and can become quite lonely when living alone.

Kittens will only be placed in pairs, or to join another kitten or young cat in your home.

Chicago Cat Rescue is an entirely foster-based organization. Our ability to help more cats in need is dependent on our availability of foster homes. If you think you could provide a loving foster situation for a cat in need, or would like to learn more about our foster program, please email us, Thank you!


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