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In shelter Cat

Donalsonville, GA, 39845
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Brown / Chocolate
Guess what? Our shelters got a purr-fectly adorable deal for you! Adopt one cat, and the adoption fee for the second cat will be waived. Cats do better in pairs - its like a built-in buddy system! 

Meet Stapler, the enchanting tabby with the most captivating green eyes youve ever seen! 

Stapler is a young adult feline who embodies tranquility and elegance. Her days are spent basking in the warm embrace of the sun, and her jade eyes sparkle like jewels in the light. Shes not your typical high-energy cat; Staplers preference is to lounge, taking life in stride.

This sophisticated girl is on the lookout for a peaceful abode, one that matches her serene demeanor. She craves a companion who appreciates the simple joys of life, like sharing quiet evenings together and offering her the affectionate pets she deserves. Staplers gentle disposition makes her the perfect addition to any home seeking a serene and loving feline friend.

If youre ready to welcome Stapler into your life, youll find that her unique beauty and sweet nature will fill your days with tranquility and love. Come meet this extraordinary tabby with the mesmerizing green eyes, and let your heart be captivated by her charm. Adopt Stapler, and youll have a serene and loving companion for life. 

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