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Poppy (Buttercup) Casper   

In shelter Cat

Eagle Mountain, UT, 84005
Pet name:
Poppy (Buttercup) Casper
Domestic Short Hair
Orange / Red
I could write a book about how amazing Poppy is. But Ill try to make a long story short. Poppy was born outside and had very limited interaction with people for the first 6 months of her life. She was sick when she came into rescue and it has taken her foster mom months to get her healthy and also teach her that humans arent so bad. Now that Poppy has learned what indoor life and loving people are like, her days outside are a distant memory. Poppy is still a little shy with new people and it will take her awhile to warm up and let her amazing personality shine. Poppy loves to be pet and will ask for attention with some gentle head butts and by nudging your hands. She doesnt mind being picked up but its not her favorite thing. Poppy LOVES other cats, she really enjoys taking care of kittens and helped her foster mom raise 7 baby kittens. She could always be counted on to snuggle and clean the babies. She is incredibly social with other animals including dogs and would not do well as an only pet. Poppy needs the companionship of other animals to be her best self. Poppy loves to play with kittens and toys. Her favorite toys are cardboard scratchers, fuzzy mice and pom pom balls. She also loves small stuffed animals and having a comfy bed with lots of soft blankets. Poppy has a minor food allergy to poultry. She eats a chicken free diet that is not prescription and can be purchased from any pet store. Poppy is not a fan of very young children (they tend to be loud and move fast!) ages 10 and up would be best. Poppy just needs someone to take a chance on her so she can prove how amazing she is.


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