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Lu Lu   

In shelter Cat

Elkton, MD, 21921
Pet name:
Lu Lu
Domestic Short Hair
Black & White / Tuxedo
If youre looking for a bold kitten who has no fears and loves to explore, then Lu Lu will be your new best friend. Her outgoing personality makes her fun to be around. Lu Lu loves to explore her environment, whether it is high, low, dark, light, open or tight spaces, she will be sure to go in there and investigate. She is a young cat who can entertain herself for hours or entertain you for hours while you play with her. Ropes and strings, laser pointer, small fluffy balls or those little mouse toys, Lu Lu will play with it all. If you work from home, Lu Lu will be your office assistant and help you release any frustration you may have with her mischievous stunts, such as her random zoomies or playing with anything that she can with on your desk. When it is time to relax for the night, you might get a visit from Lu Lu behind your head purring or laying in your lap. She is a perfect cat for someone who is looking to have one for the first time. She is extremely easy going and loves life.


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