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Gaia (Diabetic)   

In shelter Cat

Florenceville, NB, E7L 1Y8
Pet name:
Gaia (Diabetic)
Domestic Short Hair
Gray / Blue / Silver
Coat length:
"Gaia" came to DunRoamin from a colony of cats in Somerville, NB.  Born about January 1, 2020, she was not in good shape.  Her left eye required enucleation (removal), and she required dental work once she was strong enough.  On top of these medical issues, she was found to be diabetic.  Shes had a hard go, but that all ends today.

Gaia tested negative for FIV and FeLV and was spayed.  She will require a diabetic diet and insulin to regulate her system to ensure that she grows strong and healthy but she is doing very well and she was ecstatic when she was allowed to leave vet care in early July to join us at DunRoamin.  She is a beautiful little girl who is grateful to be warm and safe.  Now that shes starting to feel better, she is showing her real personality - and its a winner!  She hopes for a loving home very soon.  Her insulin injections are really no big deal, are very inexpensive and she is SUCH a sweet little girl!  She is already putting on weight and she will be very grateful to have a family of her very own.

Diabetic cats usually require a diabetic diet and an insulin injection daily, but this is no big deal at all!  Needles are very small and easily given, and once on a diabetic diet, these little ones do very well - just ask Chiffon and Furgie - they know that to be very true!!  Gaia eats Fancy Feast canned food and Purina DM dry food - she loves them both, especially her canned food!  She is tiny right now but is putting on weight as she inhales her favourite wet food!


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