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Food Snatching Counter Top Jumping Miss Young 6125   

In shelter Cat

Lansing, MI, 48912
Pet name:
Food Snatching Counter Top Jumping Miss Young 6125
Domestic Short Hair
Gray / Blue / Silver
***Serious Inquiries Only*** 
Miss Young 6125. Food driven, counter top jumping, sink drinking, dont touch me.
This is Miss Youngs rules. She may eventually follow you around, trip you (pretending to love you in her own way), steal your pizza, snap away your steak, and stalk you for any food she thinks you might have. Warming something up? Did you get something out of the microwave and put it on your counter? Say goodbye to it. Have a glass of water? Shes going to taste it because there must be something in there that tastes different than her water. If a human male approaches and tries to pet her, they may be swatted. Even if that human male gives her steak, salmon, cheese, or anything she loves.

Miss Young has gotten just chunky enough that she needs some gentle brushing near her back end....if she will let you. 

If you are looking to be stalked and harassed for food, dont mind a nosy young adult cat that jumps on counters, and doesnt want to be touched (much less held), then Miss Young is for you. 
If you want to make sure she gets everything she needs, but she gives you nothing except chores, Miss Young is for you.

Miss Youngs history: This poor kitty was posted on Facebook over a year ago. She was maybe 5 months old and super scared. She came to SbZ with two breaks in her tail. Her fear of humans made us think that she was possibly mistreated before coming to us.

In her foster home, she has been exposed to three non-aggressive dogs; German shepherd sized, border collie sized, and Pomeranian sized. She started in a gated area and ventured out at her own pace. Shes not afraid to let them know if they are not welcomed nearby her, but she may run to safety behind a gate.

She would be perplexed with children. Maybe older/teenaged kids would be okay. When she is comfortable, she may sleep at your feet and even allow gentle petting. On the bed at her fosters feet was the only time she accepted loving and gentle petting and scritches under her chin.
$100 adoption.
Visits: Miss Young will be a tough one. She will let you look at her. Thats about it. Someday, she may bless you by allowing you to hold out your hand to be sniffed by her (if you are not a male).

This kitty is being adopted with a known physical deformity. This has been discussed with the adoption team and the adopter understands that future vet care may be required. 
Miss Youngs tail was broken in two places on arrival to SbZ. She underwent surgery and now has a shorter, stubby tail. There have been no complications post surgery.


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