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In shelter Cat

Mount Prospect, IL, 60056
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Gray & White
Coat length:
This is Splashy, so named because her rescuer thought that her markings looked like she had paint splashed on her!  Shes totally adorable but still somewhat timid.  Her foster mom is able to pick her up and hold her close and pet her. No purring yet.  We just think she needs more time.  Or, some cats just arent big purrers.  Splashy is very bonded with her friendly brother Mr. Whiskers and having him around is teaching her to be more confident. They would ideally like to be adopted together.  They make a perfect ready-made pair. 

Behaviorally and socially, it’s best to adopt kittens in pairs, or into a home with a compatible playful cat.  Kittens really need a feline playmate in their forever home…and then they can get to play, and snuggle while youre not home, wrestle with each other instead of with your ankles, and grow up with an always-available companion. Bored cats can become destructive cats.  If you are only interested in adopting a single kitten, and you’re home most of the day, and able to spend interactive time with a kitten, we may consider adopting out a single kitten.  We usually prefer that they be 4 months or older.  But each application will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Many of our kitten litters may also be able to be mixed ‘n matched to make a pair if they are not particularly bonded with a sibling.  Each foster home knows the kittens personalities best, and we follow their recommendations for single placements or mix/matching. 

Splashys estimated date of birth is 7-1-22, and her adoption fee of $175 includes: vet exam, Feleuk/FIV test, FVRCP (distemper combo) vaccination, routine deworming, flea control, microchip and spay.  The combined discounted adoption fee for both Splashy and Mr. Whiskers is $285.


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