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In shelter Cat

Pleasant Hill, MO, 64080
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Hello there, Im Scrunchie, the bashful feline with a dash of quirkiness! My days are spent navigating the world with cautious curiosity and a penchant for the peculiar. Youll often find me tucked away in cozy corners, observing the world with wide-eyed wonder. Some days I feel more confident than others but alpha cats can make me feel a little timid. My current foster home has a few bullies but my foster mommy tries to make sure I feel safe but she wants better for me.

Social interactions can be a bit of a challenge for me at first. Im a master of the art of hiding, blending seamlessly into my surroundings until Im ready to make my grand appearance. But dont mistake my shyness for indifference – once Ive warmed up to you, Ill shower you with the most endearing head tilts and delicate purrs. I love to be tossed over your shoulder so I can nuzzle my head into your neck. I feel super safe up there.

Life is an intricate puzzle, and Im here to piece it together in my own peculiar way. So, if you spot a black blob of fur when you open a drawer or closet, that would be me. I am simply an endlessly quirky cat on a mission to conquer the enigmatic world, one paw step at a time. I simply need a quiet home (with or without other friendly cats) that can help build my confidence in the world.