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In shelter Cat

Portland, OR, 97221
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
My name is Marion and Im a special kitty looking for a special foster or adopted home. Im a very gentle cat but Im also very scared lately.Ive had a string of bad luck. My favorite person passed away unexpectedly. Then a few weeks later my other person also passed away. It was traumatizing for me, especially with emergency services coming into the home and my people not coming back. I had a good friend in a chihuhua but we were split up because the family of my people were allergic to cats. So my life turned completely upside down and I was fed in the empty home for a while before coming to Animal Aid.I was discovered to be in Stage 3 kidney disease and I was very thin. Im eating ok and I get 3x/a week subQ fluids to help with my kidneys. I was very shut down and terrified for a few weeks. I would loose control of my bladder when people tried to pet me. Thankfully Ive learned to trust people again and I am starting to enjoy petting. Despite still giving an initial hiss I will headbump your hand for pets and Ive strated to purr and make biscuits. I wont come out of my hiding spots yet but I allow people to pick me up to sit in their lap for my fluids. Throughout all my fear I have never tried to bite or scratch. I have a true heart of gold and Im looking for a place to be safe in my golden years. I could use a foster or adopted home who is willing to continue my fluid therapy and be patient with me.
Its unknown how I feel about other cats or other dogs. I would be too scared for a home with children.
My estimated birthdate is 9/1/2011.


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