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In shelter Cat

Rossville, GA, 30741
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Black & White / Tuxedo
Meet Harlow, a charming 2-year-old female feline hailing from Rossville, Georgia, although shes more than willing to embark on a journey to find her perfect forever home. Harlow is a young and beautiful cat with a distinctive personality thats bound to capture your heart.

Harlow is a delightful, affectionate cat who craves your attention and affection. While she might initially appear a bit timid, it wont take long for her playful side to emerge. Harlows playful nature will entertain you as she pounces on her favorite toys and chases after feathers or strings.

This sweet feline has a voice thats as expressive as her personality. Shes not afraid to let you know when shes feeling happy, hungry, or just in the mood for some company. Harlows meows are sure to fill your home with a sense of warmth and companionship.

Harlow is a medium-sized cat, weighing in at a healthy 12 pounds. Her sleek black coat is accented with a charming tuxedo of white fur, giving her a dapper and distinctive appearance thats bound to turn heads. Her green eyes light up her expressive face.

Harlow has excellent litter box manners, ensuring that your home remains clean and fresh. Shes well-trained and respectful of her environment, making her a joy to have as a part of your household.

If youre on the hunt for a loving, playful, and endearing companion, Harlow is the cat for you. With her affectionate nature, vocal charm, and striking appearance, shes a package of feline delight. Whether youre in Rossville, Georgia, or a bit farther away, dont hesitate to welcome Harlow into your home – shes ready to make your life infinitely better with her presence.


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