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In shelter Cat

Washington, DC, 20008
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Female, approx 4 months (as of 10/2023), DSH

Personality: calm, lapcat, snuggly

Pawla is bringing the dignity and elegance of a fully grown adult cat into the sleek cuddly body of a kitten. Pawlas biggest hope in life is to be your best friend - and she is the best friend you never knew you needed. Your human friends might let you walk around with schmutz on your face all day and never say anything, but Pawla would never do such a thing. In fact, her dearest wish is to give you kisses all over your face, followed by a series of gentle head nuzzles, so that you can greet each day with love and cat kisses radiating out of your cleaned face. Pawla happily coexists with other well-mannered cats after a gradual introduction, and would probably do well with similarly well-behaved dogs. Shes happy to share her napping spaces and toys with other animals, but she is really in the market for a human companion. In her dream world, Pawla wants to alternate her naps with sessions of staring directly into your eyes and purring, followed by some cuddles and kisses. Then, back to nap time.

If youre looking for a gentle companion to fawn over you, Pawla might be your cat! She is already your biggest fan.

If you are interested in meeting a dog or cat, we require an adoption application. If the animal has "HAS APPLICATION" listed, they are still available to receive additional applications but also may be in the process of being adopted soon. Apply for a CAT:

City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue is a foster-based rescue in Washington, DC. We do not have a shelter. CDCK has a thorough adoption process to find the best possible fit for each of our dogs and cats. 

Upon accepting a new cat or dog into the organization, we provide a basic vet visit that includes necessary vaccinations, disease screenings, deworming, microchips, and spay/neuter for dogs six months and older. We do not provide a comprehensive medical exam before adoption. As a result, sickness, injury, and disability may exist unbeknownst to CDCK. City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue is not responsible for payment of any vet care, including known and unknown medical conditions once a cat or dog is adopted from us.

Cat specific vetting: Rabies, FVRCP. Cats are tested for FIV and FeLV, when age appropriate, but not when born to a FELV/FIV negative mother in foster care.

Kittens have age-appropriate vetting to date, which includes deworming, microchip, and the first FVRCP vaccine. Kittens born in care to a negative mother will not receive a FIV/FeLV test. An adopter will need to agree to cover costs of spay/neuter when he/she is age-appropriate (usually 16-20 weeks) and will need to continue his/her kitten vaccines (including rabies) as he/she grows older. Kittens under 12 weeks of age must be adopted in pairs or to a home with friendly resident feline. They will not be considered as singles.


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