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In shelter Cat

Waynesboro, PA, 17268
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Four-year-old Drogo was surrendered to us in January 2022 after her owner could no longer keep her, and is now looking for a place to call her own. Since being with us, staff has learned that this girl likes to talk - a lot! If you are looking for a chatty feline friend, then Ms. Drogo will be the perfect one for you. This playful girl loves to be pet and get attention, but prefers to receive attention on her own terms; Drogo does not like being picked up and held and will let you know that she is unhappy with you! As she settles down here in the shelter we have learned that all Drogo really wants during the day is a comfy spot to snooze! Whether that is in a cat bed/tree or up on the desk, Drogo is happy to take a nap anywhere! This silly girl has plenty of personality to go around and would make a good office companion for someone!

Drogo would do best as the only cat in the home or with a cat who is so laid-back they will not bother her. She does well with children when they pet her on her terms but would not be the best fit for a home looking for a snuggly kitty who wants attention all the time. 
Stop by and meet Drogo if she sounds like she would be a good fit for your home!


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