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~urgent~ Petra   

In shelter Dog

West Hartford, CT, 06107
Pet name:
~urgent~ Petra
Dutch Shepherd
Coat length:
This brilliant, super sweet, wonderful girl is Petra! This girl was found playing with students outside at a high school. She was a stray and looking to be friends with everyone! They called animal control who came later to pick her up. Everyone at the school thought this girl was such a sweetheart, and she was fabulous with all. She loaded up into the animal control truck with ease, giving the officer kisses all the way to the pound! She managed to capture everyone’s heart with her incredible combination of loving personality and intelligence. Everyone has done their best to advocate for her hoping to get her to rescue but sadly, everyone, including us, is full. We agreed to do whatever we could to ensure this girl would make it out of the pound and find the loving home she is dreaming of!
She has gone to the vets to ensure she is ready for adoption! She was fabulous with everyone there and had all of her medical work completed. She is 2-3 years old and weighing 65 lbs. She has now had all of her medical work completed and she is healthy and eagerly waiting for someone to fall in love with her and welcome her home!
Volunteers have spent a tremendous amount of time with her, having play dates with other dogs, adventures to store, car rides, hikes, sleepovers, you name it! We’ve learned so much about her and this girl is absolutely fabulous. Petra loves to go for rides and will be fabulous to go on any adventure. She is absolutely loving having doggy playmates! She is a higher energy pup and super enjoys running around and playing in the yard with all of her doggy friends! She loves toys, hikes, and is such a loyal, social girl. She meets everyone with kindness and everywhere she goes, she longs to make friends. She has been excellent going potty outside and loves to wind down for the day by snuggling up on the sofa and snoozing in the lap of someone who loves her. She has a heart of pure gold, and a mind like a diamond. She is such a perfect combination, a beautiful girl, inside and out. 
She has such endless potential and will be such a loving, devoted companion. We can’t wait to see her make it out of the shelter and go to a family who will give her the love and loyalty she’s yearned for! If you’d love for that to be you, please visit and submit an application for adoption today!



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