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In shelter Dog

Vacaville, CA, 95687
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Brown / Chocolate
Our sweet sweet Hayzel is a petite German Shepherd with a heart as big as her spirit! This bright and active one year gal is ready to bring boundless joy to your life once we get her through her orthopedic surgery. For various reason ranging from skin irritations from her splints to her fracture requiring more complex surgery, her surgery appointments have been pushed back a number of times. We are back on schedule following a CT scan to supplement her xrays, Hayzel is waiting for the call to say its your day. Shes such a good social pup that she has been lovely on all her various vet visits for bandange changes and xrays, HW tests (shes negative), and CT scan. Shes just adorable. 

Hayzel, formerly Birdie (shelter name), is fracture program qualified at UCDVMTH and is awaiting orthopedic surgery safely in her loving foster home, which she shares with resident shepherds and cats. She graduated from crate confinement as her leg has healed during the last two months and enjoys being fully integrated in her foster home. While in crate confinement, she preferred being in the same room with everyone, hanging out in her wire crate or going on walks riding in her pet stroller. Her affection towards her people and resident dogs and cats has remained since being cleared for full activity. Although shell be back in crate confinement following surgery to correct the angulation of her leg, shes treasuring the Holiday spirits. 

Hayzel is a pint-sized powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm. If allowed, shed be the quintessential lap dog. Her petite stature makes her the perfect companion for those who appreciate a compact yet agile furry friend.

Hayzels intelligence shines through. Shes a quick learner, having mastered sit, coming when called, learning to sit before exiting, entering through doors, and understanding the kennel command. She rides nicely in the car and was terrific in her pet stroller. After her last vet visit, Hayzel headed to her first Starbucks visit. She could get used to frequent puppuccinos. We expect her to excel in obedience training and be eager to tackle new tricks. Her eagerness to please will make training a breeze since she already offers behaviors for treats and her food.

This spirited 53 lb gal is the ideal partner for an active individual or family where shell thrive with an owner who enjoys keeping both body and mind active, providing appropriate training and boundaries for this intelligent girl. Were so happy that shes gained much needed weight and is thriving in her frame now. 

Were very grateful for the team advocating on her behalf as she was placed on the euthanasia list for her injuries, as they arent treatable in a shelter setting. Her transport team and donors also belong to Hayzels life-saving squad. 

If youre searching for a bright, active, and devoted companion to join your lifes adventures, Hayzel could be your perfect match. Bring this petite powerhouse into your home, and youll discover a world of love and excitement together. 

We have learned some much about Hayzel in the last couple of months and cant wait for her forever family match who will adore her, continue the structure her foster family provides and be committed to ongoing training, physical and mental enrichement this breed requires.