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In shelter Dog

Elverta, CA, 95626
Pet name:
Golden Retriever
I’m a four-year-old loved girl dog in search of a new home. I grew up with dogs, cats and kids and life was wonderful – until I had a seizure a year ago. When a second one arrived recently, my family worried for me and for the kids who were scared when it happened. 

They helped me get to the right place, because here at Homeward Bound, they know a lot about dogs and seizures. They put me on a special food and medicine and so far – all good! It’s better for my figure too! To ensure that things stay this way, Homeward Bound will continue to provide this food and medicine to any family that adopts me. Everyone says I am an awesome, well-raised girl with impeccable manners. I spent most of my time in the home (eating a few too many treats!), so I’m looking forward to people that want to walk me and open my world a little bit. I think a retired person or couple would be great – maybe with grandkids to love. I miss my kids. I’m good with other dogs but prefer them to be like me: gentle and dainty. I know some humans worry about what may come down the road, but the truth is nothing is life is for certain. Us dogs know how to live each day to its fullest and not worry about tomorrow. If you share that outlook and would like to live life to the fullest with me, I’m here – just waiting for you!


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