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Luna Blu   

In shelter Dog

Pensacola, FL, 32504
Pet name:
Luna Blu
Great Dane
Gray / Blue / Silver
Extra Large
Coat length:
LOCATION: Pensacola, Florida
DOB: 01/05/2018 (Estimate)

Hi!  My name is Luna Blu. Isn’t that the prettiest name you’ve ever heard? It just rolls right off the tongue. Luuuuna Bluuuuu. If you don’t read another single sentence here, I want you to leave knowing two things about me: 1) I have a Master’s Degree in snuggling. 2.) I have my Doctorate in cuddling. I. Am. A. Genius.

And I really hope you want a big, blue, soft ball of velvety fur following you around, because that is what you will get with me. Velcro to the max. Plan on me going where you go. 

Being affectionate and invading your privacy aren’t my only skills, though. I know some basic obedience and am a very fast learner. I ask to go out to go potty, and I sleep well in my crate at night. One little tip: I do love being with my people A LOT and so I get nervous when I’m home by myself. My mouth gets all weirded out and I start “tasting” things I have no business tasting. Everyone is much happier when I go in my crate if I am home by myself.  

My foster mom says Im a "dream" in the car. I love to ride shotgun and am excellent at navigating. 

I love squeaky toys, plushies, and playing fetch. My foster mom says I’m obsessed with stuffies. I like to carry at least one in my mouth at all times. We may need to call the Guinness Book of World Records because my record is holding 4 at one time, not including the tennis ball that I picked up along the way. It is truly an impressive feat. 

I am a sweet girl to my humans and love kiddos, even the smallest ones, but I do struggle with seeing and/or meeting other dogs whether I am inside looking out the window or out on a walk on my leash. A home off the beaten path where dogs wouldn’t be walking by would be ideal. Sort of like if I can’t see them, then I don’t know they are there and then I’m a happy camper. And within my own home, I am super-duper friendly with large dogs once we meet properly but I don’t think I would like being in a home with multiple dogs. That is just too overwhelming. And no cats or other small pets.  

Something that I’m kinda proud of is that I can adapt quickly to changing environments and I can match my own energy level to the situation around me. You want to play? Me, too! You aren’t feeling good and need to rest? Got it. We can simply lay together until you are feeling better. 

If you’ve read this far then I feel like I’ve kept your interest. And that’s a great first step! But we need to see if we are a good fit TOGETHER. So the ball is in your court now. I’m ready to find my forever home. Are you ready for me?

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