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Lots of names Lenny, Ozzie, Otto ,Teller etc   

In shelter Small & Furry

Las Vegas, NV, 89103
Pet name:
Lots of names Lenny, Ozzie, Otto ,Teller etc
Guinea Pig
Brown / Chocolate
This big friendly guy loves nose scritches and fresh greens!  He was surrendered when his family couldn’t care for him anymore.  He’s not a huge fan of being picked up, but once he is he doesn’t mind some cuddles.  He seems open to meeting a Guinea friend.  We think he’s 2-3 years old. 

Ozzie and Otto-
These two males were surrendered after their human mom became very sick and her breathing prevented her from caring for them.  They are bonded and must go together.  Otto was born at the end of October 2021, and Ozzie is about a year old.  They are also friendly and would likely adapt well to a home with other guineas, or to a home that just wanted a handsome pair of guinea boys!  

Apollo is a big handsome guy that was surrendered when his dad got deployed overseas.  Apollo is extra shy with humans, but seems open to meeting other guinea friends.  He wouldn’t be a great choice for a family with young children, as he’s an introvert, and prefers to not being handled (though he’s okay for a bit with a confident adult). He’s also picky about his produce- his favorites are leafy green lettuce and cilantro.  He’s about 3 years old.

Teller has been with us for about a year.  He is very shy and takes a bit to warm up.  Teller has coarse hair and would be good for someone with allergies.  He seems open to meeting other friendly male guineas, but has been bullied in the past, so it may take time.  Teller doesn’t like you to watch him eat- but he loves lettuce, cilantro, carrots and bell peppers. He’s about 2 years old.

The DiVa!  This female chunky ball of attitude wants nothing to do with another guinea pig.  She is the QUEEN of her castle and she wants to keep it that way.  We tried and she refused company.  She is picky about how she likes her cage- clean and decorated to her liking!  She loves food, naps, and posing for cameras.  She’s about 1.5 years old.

Ducky is a hairless male guinea pig, around 2 years old.  He can be shy at first, but warms up if given time.  He seems open to meeting other guineas with proper introductions, but was bullied by a prior cage mate, so it may take a bit to warm up to a new friend.  Ducky has been with us for about a year.  He loves food and eats a lot!  Keep in mind he needs to eat more to keep his metabolism up- as he has no hair to keep him warm.  This also means there will be more poop.  But don’t worry- he’s worth it!  

Dolce & Popcorn-
Dolce is a long haired guinea that will need someone dedicated to keeping her hair gorgeous and tangle free (especially near her booty).  She’s very shy and needs time to warm up.  Her best buddy Popcorn is more outgoing.  They both love fresh leafy greens and hiding in piles of fresh hay! Dolce is about 2 years old and Popcorn is about 1.  They are sweet girls, but are bonded and must go together.

Chester and Howie-
This is a bonded pair of hairless males.  Howie (the spotted one) is more shy.  Chester is the black one.  They were surrendered when their owner could no longer care for them.  Sometimes they argue, like most siblings do, but overall they like hanging out and eating with each other.


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