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Feisty ( fostered in Omaha)   

In shelter Small & Furry

Papillion, NE, 68046
Pet name:
Feisty ( fostered in Omaha)
Guinea Pig
Foxy and Feisty are bonded girls looking for their forever home together. Feisty enjoys being held and petted. These cute girls would make a wonderful addition to your family.

If you want to meet Foxy and Feisty or are interested in adopting, please submit an inquiry or email to It will be forwarded to our small animal manager and she will determine if you and/or your family are a fit and if so, provide instructions for completing the application.

Please NOTE: We have minimum space requirements for enclosures and standards for food for each type of critter, as not all commercially available options are good! The same goes for commercially available foods. After you have submitted an application and have been approved, we will setup a meet and greet between you and the pet. Applications are reviewed in order of receipt.

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