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Paloma Z313   

In shelter Dog

Allen, TX, 75013
Pet name:
Paloma Z313
Eyes that will make you melt! Paloma is such a beautiful girl, you need to see her in person to truly capture all her beauty. Described as being the sweetest pup in the world. She is a happy, friendly puppy with typical puppy energy. She is fantastic on a leash and in her crate.

Paloma will do well in any home; she loves other dogs but also loves people and will just want to cuddle. She can stay happy in a crate or by your side. Does well on walks, and walks on a loose leash. Truly the sweetest pup who just needs a home. Look at that face!

Little Paloma is cute, she is petite and just loves toys. She can entertain you with her toy play all day! And her beautiful eyes will mesmerize you. She is a good girl and learning all those good things to make the perfect family member. She will make a fun addition to any pack.
Absolutely! I apologize for missing that crucial detail. Heres the updated bio:

 Introducing Paloma, the Energetic Adventure Enthusiast! 

Meet Paloma, an incredible 10-month-old female who was rescued on 3/23 and has been growing up in our care ever since. Despite her amazing qualities, she has unfortunately not received any adoption interest. We are determined to find Paloma her forever family as soon as possible, as we understand the importance of getting adopted quickly to give her the best chance at a second life.

Weighing in at approximately 27 pounds, Paloma is ready to embark on new adventures with her forever family. Her high energy and zest for life make her the perfect companion for hiking, running, and other active pursuits. With Paloma by your side, youll have an enthusiastic partner who will motivate and energize you during your outdoor escapades.

Although Paloma hasnt learned specific commands yet, she is a quick learner and thrives on positive reinforcement training. Her crate training is already underway, ensuring a smooth transition into her new home and routine.

Palomas love for people is undeniable, and her waggy tail is a testament to her affectionate nature. While she hasnt been exposed to cats, her friendly and sweet disposition suggests she may be a good fit for a family with feline friends. With her gentle and loving nature, Paloma is likely to be a great companion for children, bringing joy and laughter to their lives.

Motivated by treats, Paloma is eager to please and excels in training sessions. She would make an excellent addition to a family that already has an active dog or any dog that enjoys playtime and companionship.

We are committed to finding Paloma her perfect forever family. The longer a rescue dog stays in our care, the harder it becomes to find them a home, which is why we are reaching out to you. Help us provide Paloma with the second chance she deserves and give her a loving home where she can thrive.

Dont miss out on the opportunity to welcome Paloma into your life. Contact us today to learn more about the adoption process and take the first step in creating a bond that will last a lifetime. Lets make Palomas dreams of finding a loving family come true! 

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Beautiful Paloma has triumphed against the odds! We are so proud of her and her sisters. They had a rough start to life...dumped at the city dumpster, found by police who called animal control in a rural area that has small shelter with no resources. Paloma is friendly, sweet, smart, playful and ready to find her humans that will love and treasure her like she deserves.

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