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In shelter Dog

Williston, VT, 05495
Pet name:
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Tamaras beauty is undeniable, both inside and out. Her adorable face and endearing eyes are matched only by the beauty of her personality. With a sleek coat and a heartwarming presence, Tamara is a puppy that will capture your heart at first sight.

Tamaras outgoing and friendly demeanor makes her a shining star wherever she goes. Her love for people is immeasurable, and she thrives on human interaction. Whether its a game of fetch, a leisurely stroll, or a cozy cuddle session, Tamaras boundless energy and affection will fill your days with laughter and love.

Tamaras warm and gentle nature extends to both human and canine companions. Her playful interactions with children and other dogs make her an ideal match for families seeking a furry friend to join in on the fun. Tamaras adaptability ensures harmonious interactions with various family members, creating unforgettable moments for everyone.

Training and Potential:
At this young age, Tamaras potential is limitless. She is eager to learn and please, making training an enjoyable experience for both of you. With consistent guidance, positive reinforcement, and patient teaching, Tamara is poised to become a well-mannered and cherished member of your family. Her love for play and people could lead her to excel in a variety of activities, from basic obedience to participating in dog sports or even becoming a therapy dog.
If youre ready to provide Tamara with the love, attention, and care she deserves, get ready for a lifetime of companionship and heartwarming memories. Whether youre seeking a playful playmate, a loyal snuggle buddy, or a constant source of positivity, Tamara is prepared to step into those roles with unwavering devotion.

To make Tamara a part of your family, reach out for a meet-and-greet session. Lets work together to ensure Tamaras transition from rescue to cherished family member is a heartwarming success story that continues to inspire and uplift.

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