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Julia / Juju   

In shelter Dog

Fresno, CA, 93705
Pet name:
Julia / Juju
Coat length:
UPDATE 12/27/23 - Juju continues to have playdates with family friends, she LOVES being with playful dogs and kids! 

UPDATE 11/27/23 - Thanksgiving visits went great!! Juju had the opportunity to have playdates and sleepovers with other dogs and human kids too! Juju had so much fun playing with her new doggie and human friends, dogs = Shepherd Mix pup, Australian Shepherd, and a Chihuahua, plus human kids ages 5- 15 yrs! She had the most fun with the Shepherd pup because of = matching energy levels and she was ever so gentle with her new 5 yr old human friend. Juju is still hesitant of new men, so her foster family is working on this, plus they are also working on simple commands and leash walking. Juju is a good candidate for visits to a friendly dog park, as she loves to play with other playful dogs! If you are a Husky lover wishing for a somewhat smaller Husky, then Juju is your girl; she is approx. 32 lbs! If you are interested in adopting Juju, please complete our adoption application on our website: 

10-2023 - Julia aka Juju is a beautiful, sweet Husky mix. She can be shy at first but, once she warms up to you, she’ll jump in your lap and stretch out for snuggles and belly rubs. 
She was spotted wandering the neighborhood of our CA home on our front porch camera. After talking with a couple neighbors, we realized she was staying only on our block. Searches for an owner came up empty. She was very skittish at first but we brought her into our backyard where she would be safe. 
Juju is no more than 1 year old. She weighs 31 lbs and has a beautiful, soft black, white, and grey coat. She stands at approximately 21 inches tall. Her eyes are brown. Due to an unknown injury she has a small bump on the tip of her nose that is permanent but merely a cosmetic feature and nothing else. 
At some point, she definitely had training. She knows sit, stay, leave it, drop it, and down. Once she’s in the down position you can place a treat on the top of her paw and she will look at you until you give her the GO signal to scarf down that treat! 
She’s very alert and will give warning barks for certain noises but will not persist in barking. Juju seems to respond to both ‘Quiet’ and ‘No bark’. 
True to her breed, she needs daily exercise so would be suited to someone/a family with an active lifestyle. Putting on a harness will bring out those Husky vocals, but she is fine once suited up and ready to walk. She rides in the car calmly from what I’ve seen. Walking on a leash could use a little work but she really just wants to please her humans and is very smart. 
Our experience with kids around Juju is very limited, she is submissive towards children when they are petting her and hugging her. During play she can be mouthy but she’s gentle. 
As much as she loves to chase balls and frisbees or chew on her midday carrot treat, Juju also loves to lay around, relax, and do nothing. 
She will chase squirrels and birds, not sure how she would be around cats (Huskies generally have a prey drive for small furry animals though!) but she loves to play with my Mini American Eskimo dog. Any medium to large-size confident dog would likely be a good companion for her. 
At the end of the day, all she wants to do is cuddle up and give you kisses. Regardless of her size, she believes she is a lap dog! Play hard, chill harder is her motto.

Juju is finished with all her vet care and is now ready for adoption!!!


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