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In shelter Dog

Jefferson, NH, 03583
Pet name:
White / Cream
Missy came to us all the way from Illinois when her owner passed away from cancer. Fast forward many miles on the trail, Missy is ready to retire. Missy is an 11 year old gal who is a bit shy and reserved, she would prefer a quieter home with no children. She likes other dogs and would be an amazing walking / hiking buddy.

Things To Consider Before You Adopt A Retired Sled Dog:

- Our adoptable sled dogs are used to living in an outdoor, working environment. This means that they will need to be house trained and exposed to "house stimulus" like stairs, cars, vacuums, wood floors etc. Adopting an adult sled dog is similar to welcoming a puppy.?

- Our adoptable sled dogs range from medium to high energy. In general they require multiple walks daily and engaging toys when inside the home. A bored/under exercised ?sled dog is a destructive and anxious sled dog!  ?

- Our adoptable sled dogs are trained to run and are therefore a high flight risk. We do require that they be on leash or within a fenced in yard at all times until proper recall training has been received. 

- Our adoptable sled dogs have befriended many kitties in their new homes, that being said adopters are instructed to monitor all interactions with small animals as our four-leggers have limited exposure to them while with us and there is no telling how they may react.


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