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In shelter Dog

Clinton, ME, 04927
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever

MADYSEN is a 2 year old, spayed female mixed breed (Lab/Terrier mix) who was transferred to Charleys from an overcrowded shelter in the South after she was found stray with another dog, possibly her brother.  Her brother was adopted from the Southern shelter leaving Madysen behind.   As Madysen was a stray, we have very little information about her past.

Here is what we do know.   Madysen is a very sweet girl who needs someone with patience and understanding to love and train her.  She is a puppy in large dogs body.  She is very strong and playful.  She will need an adopter that will commit to a good deal of daily exercise all year round (running, hiking, playing in a fenced yard, possibly doggie daycare).  She will also need positive reinforcement obedience training.  

As Madysen was found with another dog, she may do well in a home with another male dog of similar size and energy.  She would not be a good match for small or senior dogs just due to her energy and play style.

We have no information on how Madysen reacts to cats. As a result, a cat free home, or one that can initially separate cat from dog to do slow introductions, is required.

Additionally, as part of the adoption process, any resident dog(s) will be asked to come to the shelter for a meet and greet.

Due to lack of known history and Madysens rough and tumble greetings, we are looking for an adult-only home with no children.  One where someone is home more often than not would be ideal.  Although we do not think she would intentionally injure a child, she is mouthy when she plays and also does jump up.  She does not realize her size or strength.  

Madysen is spayed and up to date on vaccines.  She tested negative for Heartworm and is on monthly prevention.  She has been diagnosed with minor cherry eye.  She has been examined by an eye specialist at Portland Specialty Care who said that surgery could cause more problems than it would solve.  The recommendation was to leave it alone.  She also receives over-the-counter eye drops as needed for allergies / eye redness. 

Please considering opening your heart and home to Madysen.


IMPORTANT As a “southern” dog and due to the high rate of heartworm infection in the warmer climates, it is critical that Madysen be kept on monthly heartworm prevention ALL YEAR LONG not just in the summer months. It takes 6 months for heartworm larva to turn into adult worms that then are visible on a heartworm test. 

Monthly prevention will kill any larva. Adoptive parents must commit to this prevention schedule as well as heartworm testing every 6 months for the first year and annually after that.

Heartworm prevention costs about $120 a year. Compare that to treating a dog for heartworm (a deadly disease) an expense of thousands of dollars for a treatment that is dangerous and difficult for the dog.


1) Please complete and return our adoption application to prior to arranging a meeting between your family and dog of interest. Link to application below.

Copy & paste into the body of an email, or WORD/text document to complete.

2) AFTER the application has been received AND you hear back from Charley’s volunteer, Gabi. Please schedule a time to visit the shelter to meet the dog of interest. 207-426-9482.

3) Although not required, we would appreciate it if you would wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose and social distance while visiting the shelter.


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