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In shelter Dog

Conrad, MT, 59425
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Hi, Im Kiko! I am about 8 months old or so and I think I am part lab and part hound, but boy am I a character! My first mom dropped me off at her moms house and never came back for me. Ugh! I like the kids and my new mom and dad, but I wish they had more time for me. So, I am well socialized with dogs and people and I crate up well. But other than that, I am a wild child! If I am out in the yard, I need at least a 6 ft fence or I get out. Since no one has time for me ( they have a kid with medical needs), my first mom and now new home never taught me any manners, potty training (but if I am crated I can hold it just fine). I am very loving and friendly, but only current mom can pet me. She is my person.  They tell me I am one HOT MESS! I just like doing my thing and having fun. I love being around my family but I definitely need some direction and training to be a terrific girl. 

We are working on getting me spayed and UTD on vaccines. I am currently in Rudyard, but I might be able to talk mom into taking me to Great Falls with her when she goes if you want to see me!  Just let Kim know and she will set it all up.


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