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In shelter Dog

Delaware, OH, 43015
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Red / Chestnut / Orange
Notes from Chellies foster family:

She is the sweetest dog! She hasnt had one accident in the house and goes to her crate at night or when we leave the house with no problem. There seems to have been some previous training on both of those things because it was so easy. 
She is a snuggle bug on the couch, so unless her person wants to sit on the floor with her cuddling with you on the couch is her favorite thing. We call it a cuddle puddle. 
She is smart as a whip and very curious of things. She learned to sit after just a few lessons. Stay hasnt learned stay yet as she is a velcro dog and wants to be by your side. 

The leash training has been a little harder since I have just had a foot surgery, but we are trying to get her out and on a short leash as much as possible. She is very strong for her size and will get in a stubborn stance if she really wants to sniff something or stare something down. She doesnt beg for food at the table or in the kitchen. She stayed out of all the Christmas presents except for one time when I had a gift basket under the tree that had a ball ornament on the front. I can only assume since it was the same size as her ball she thought it was a toy. 

She whines when she sees other dogs as if she wants to play. She has been a complete joy to have around.