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In shelter Dog

Milton, DE, 19968
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Dog Name: Expresso

Breed: Mix

Sex: Female

Age: 2

Weight: 60

Medical Needs: None

Housebroken: Yes. She has not had any accidents when taken out on a regular schedule.

Crate trained: Yes. She goes in on command and will happily relax in her crate during the day and whenever she can see her people in the room. She struggles a bit when alone and when its dark. Coming from a shelter I think shes just not used to the quiet. Playing music for her seems to help.

Good in the car: Yes. She rides nicely in cargo area of our SUV.

Good on a leash: Not yet. It seems like she doesnt have much prior experience being walked on lead. Shes responding well to a prong collar and learning to walk alongside.

Energy level: Medium-High. Shes ready to play and full of excitement but as soon as you sit on the couch wants nothing more than to snuggle up and take a nap next to you.

Need a fenced in yard: Yes. At this time Expresso is still shy to potty and even with long walks will hold her business until she can go in her preferred spot in the backyard with the humans at least pretending to not watch her.

Dog Friendly: Yes. She has met two of my dogs and shows positive behavior trying to initiate play and walks away if they are not receptive to her play request. She has pushed my dog out of the way to get attention from me. As with any new dog slow introductions are advised and Expresso may need some training to wait her turn and know theres plenty of human affection for all the dogs in the household.

If yes, does your foster need another dog in its adoptive homes? No, she would be happy to have all the attention to herself.

Cat Friendly? Unknown

Kid Friendly: Yes. She adores my 7-year old son and has met a couple younger kids on our walk to his school. She loved the attention and sat politely so they could pet her.

If yes, whats the youngest child youd recommend they be placed with? Any age with supervision. Expresso still needs basic training and could knock a small child over accidentally while playing.

Special traits that make your foster special or that we need to know about them? Expresso is a sweetheart. She will run up to you with an automatic sit and stare up at you with her huge gorgeous eyes seeking your touch and affection. She will seek out affection before food, play, anything else. She is eager to please and looking for someone to love and guide her. She is a special girl and would make a wonderful addition to any home.

Fosters Location: Middletown, DE

Application can be found here: []([0]=AT3aWDspo-KmOTzliwrkV7q29PDE1ud4n2OtaCK74LFTvwXwgyKq2IHtMhczwZaVvR_EjgxQ_lR_N-9ADs3oFbDKnalfhKOSCiuuKaxCEEA2qAgv59_lC1QLEBohjOkzN2zQyWPo9LOGmQqVtMh5qhjsVTUv4egyzZl8dA3spJtl3crhvzXs2twOvSeTZj9i5WLVG8WbPY3pWBtO16HKq8Q) (if you already have an approved application on file email and ask the app team to pull your app


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