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In shelter Dog

Oakville, ON, L6H 3L1
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Coat length:
Meet Faith! Faith is a shy but smart girl. A bit of an escape artist out of her crate, but not destructive in the home. She’s just very curious. Faith is scared of the dark, she may bark if you don’t turn the light on right away when coming into a room. Once she’a comfortable with you this behaviour will away. 

A very happy girl in her crate. No hesitation or objections to go in, she really likes to relax in here. The door just has to be secure as this girl is very, very smart! She’s okay to be left during the day without a peep. In general, Faith is very scared of sudden movements or loud noises and may try to run, on walks and indoors, so she’s requesting her forever family to be extra slow with her. We’re also not a fan of shopping carts. No prey drive towards birds or squirrels - we were surprised to see birds flap their wings and fly!

When going potty, it takes Faith a while to find the right spot on a walk. It may be a ‘pee-at-the-end-once-I’m-done-sniffing-everything’ kind of routine. That being said, she’s been a good girl with no accidents indoors. When coming back inside from a walkies Faith goes straight to her corner for a sleep. Around new people Faith is still very anxious, so new visitors will need to respect her space and let this girl come to them in her own time. 

Foster IG: @covid_foster

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