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In shelter Dog

Santa Fe, NM, 87507
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Lilly is a beautiful 1-year-old, large mixed breed girl. She came to SFAS as a struggling mother with no home and during her stay here she was protecting and taking care of her puppies. Lilly recently spent some time in a foster home and this is what the family had to say about her: Lilly gets along great and likes to play with other dogs. She walks great on leash, is very affectionate and just wants a human to call her own. Lilly is a sensitive dog, a raised voice is usually too much to correct her, because then she gives this look of I thought you were different than all the rest and slinks away. Breaks your heart. All it takes to correct her is an ah slightly above normal voice. Comes fantastically to her name! She does have separation anxiety that can be managed with patience and the right tools. Lilly does have a high prey drive and would do best in a home with no cats or small critters. Lily is resting in a foster home. Email NEWHOPE@SFHUMANESOCIETY.ORG if interested! Lillys adoption fee has been waived. She is spayed, microchipped, and has age-appropriate vaccinations. A licensing/microchip fee may apply.


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