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In shelter Dog

Santa Fe, NM, 87507
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Step into the wild world of Zuri, a majestic canine with a black panther spirit! This enigmatic beauty, named after the Swahili word for beautiful, is a striking blend of elegance and strength. Zuris sleek, ebony coat and piercing eyes mirror the mysterious allure of a black panther, while her heart overflows with loyalty and affection. Just like her feline counterpart, Zuri moves with grace and agility, making every walk an adventure. Embrace the untamed spirit of the wild and welcome Zuri into your homea loyal companion who brings a touch of the jungle to your everyday life. Ready to embark on a journey with this extraordinary creature? Adopt Zuri and let the Panther Princess reign in your heart! Zuris adoption fee is $100. She is spayed and microchippedand has age-appropriate vaccinations. A licensing fee may apply. Santa Fe Animal Shelter is proud to partner with GoodPup! Dogs learn best in familiar, comfortable environments with few distractions, so GoodPup training happens at home. Short, focused sessions allow your dog to concentrate and guided daily practice quickly cements new skills. Meet with a top-rated, expert dog trainer each week, on 1-1 video calls, while learning essential skills that solve any unwanted dog behavior. Best of all, anyone who adopts a dog from us will receive 1 FREE week of dog training, plus 10% off for life on future activity. In addition, GoodPup will donate to the SFAS! Learn more at


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