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In shelter Dog

Southborough, MA, 01772
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
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Please DO NOT contact MassPaws! This is a courtesy post and the contact information is at the bottom of Lunas Bio. Thanks!

Meet Luna, a 7-year-old sweetheart from Southborough! This nicely sized, 37-pound girl is a super-mutt mystery! Though her DNA is half ‘unknown,’ she is well-known for having intelligence and a tender appreciation for her person. (And, if youre wondering, she’s also a 50 percent mix of chow, shepherd, and terrier!)

Luna’s favorite activities are playing tug; going on walks; sniffing around the backyard; and running after and thinking she can catch a squirrel. One way to let her run is to clip her to a long lead in the backyard – she will play with a toy or a glove and all of a sudden get the zoomies. Walking with other dogs is a great way to get her off leash as she tends to stay with the pack rather than wander. 

Luna is not a demanding lap dog who bothers you for pets, but she does like to check in for a good chin scratch. When her people are home, she registers a ten on the happy-girl scale. When they have to leave her behind, they are welcomed back home with the sweetest greetings ever. She coos, walks back and forth, circles with a toy in her mouth, and most important, makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over. 

Luna has a moderate, but flexible energy level. She likes a daily walk, but don’t be surprised when her ear wink and underbite cause lots of double takes. Fortunately, there’s no need to walk her when it’s very cold or rainy. Luna is more than happy to participate in other activities, such as playing hide and seek with treats or doing clicker training. She may then spend time looking out the window to survey the land, which she has a regal way of doing. 

Luna has periods of anxiety, but structure has been a helpful antidote. She really thrives on a predictable routine. You’ll find training with Luna very gratifying as she responds well to learning new things. She also understands that “Nothing In Life is Free - she has to offer polite behavior like a sit before she gets to do something she enjoys. 

Luna enjoys making new friends, especially in a mellow setting. She’s never met a woman she didn’t like! However, the guys should give her a bit more time to warm up. Luna is currently very bonded to one family member – when that person is around everything was great, but things have changed. Luna is being rehomed because her “person” is now working 12-14 hours a day, many days in a row. Sadly, this has severely affected Luna’s anxiety.

Luna needs a calm and predictable environment without cats, children, and teens. An ideal home is one in which she has a new pet parent who is home more often than not, and one where all family members keep up with her schedule and training. She is very manageable and once she trusts you she is amazingly sweet and easy-going!

History: Luna’s insecurity is expressed by guarding things she sees as hers such as food or her crate. This behavior is manageable (baby gates work wonders!) though Luna needs someone who has experience with resource guarding. Unfortunately, before her current family understood her guarding issues and body language, they all received warning bites. Luna knows how to control a bite, so no medical attention was needed. 

Luna tends to get along with other dogs but can be fearful of larger dogs. She doesn’t live with a dog at this time, but a compatible fur kid is a possibility. A few meet and greets for both humans and a potential dog sibling would help Luna adjust to a new home. To learn more please contact Thank you!