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In shelter Dog

West Milton, OH, 45383
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Coat length:
MOXIE is approx 7 - 8yr young, spayed female terrier mix, current on vaccines, heartworm negative, crate trained, house trained, and flea/tick free.   This girl spent much of her early years crated in a basement, but NOW (in foster care) MOXIE is finding great pleasure and joy in some new life adventures.  When her furry friend visits she is READY for some PLAYTIME, or if/when the neighbor’s goat gets loose she is quick to join the “chase team”  ;-)     

MOXIE is CALM and a bit independent,  Foster mom says…..MOXIE  is showing more confidence, courage, trust and joy in her new life; it is so great to see her “be a dog” instead of hibernating in her crate.  ROUTINE is important to MOXIE, it helps her feel comfortable and safe.  She is very respectful of other dogs, always waiting for her turn.  We believe MOXIE would do BEST in a home with a dog of similar age, size and playfulness to help keep her somewhat active and limber.  She recently experienced and discovered a LOVE for a pet massage and she always enjoys a car ride.

When INSIDE  she may meander through house OR collect a few toys (elk antlers and her soft squishy toy ) and retreat to “her place”.  Her toys and blanket provide her with comfort and security .  OUTSIDE, she with either: meander the yard, take a nap outside in the sunshine with you by her side, OR lounge on the front porch waiting & watching for an opportunity to “meet/greet” someone walking with or without a furry companion.  She walks very well on leash, and will do a short sprint if she gets loose. 

MOXIE may initially appear a bit shy, cautious and reserved, but once she feels you are  trustworthy  her personality will bloom.   Recognizing her with a compliment seems to provide comfort and inspire a smile and/or tail wag.  She is very comfortable with children and women; sometimes, it takes a bit longer to warm up to men.   A fenced yard is preferred for our adoptable friends.  Current location: Miami County, OH 

Adoption applications are located on the ADOPTME page at,
We typically adopt within a 120mile radius of MIAMI COUNTY, OH..... sometimes exceptions are made.


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