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Athena, Aphrodite, Clop and Casper   

In shelter Small & Furry

Irvine, CA, 92604
Pet name:
Athena, Aphrodite, Clop and Casper
This group of sweet mice has a personality for everybody! Casper (white) is a big fluffy guy, he was born on March 22nd and was neutered in November. Now he lives with all his mouse gals and they love to snuggle him since he’s so warm! 

Mama Clop (grey and white) and Persephone (little cream and white) came to the rescue Sept 15 after being dumped in a cardboard box with other mice! Persephone was born Sept 22nd to mama Coralina, and is a very polite young lady. Mama Clop gave birth to 3 boys in October, but was so stressed out since she was just a baby herself… She chewed off most of her tail while raising her litter. But, now she is healed and child-free which she loves! She is a very outgoing and lovely mama, so if you need a shoulder buddy, come meet Clop!

Aphrodite was an owner surrender in October. She had been purchased from a feeder store and kept by the family in a tiny Crittertrail for a few months, but now she here with us and so sweet! She is around Casper’s age, and they love to lay with each other and cuddle when it’s chilly out. 

All four of these cuties are very bonded! They would do best to go home together, or at least in pairs. 

The adoption fee is higher than normal to cover Casper’s $85 neuter! The girl’s fees are waived in order to get them to a home together. Please consider adopting this beautiful family!


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