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In shelter Dog

Houston, TX, 77235
Pet name:
Patterdale Terrier / Fell Terrier
Brown / Chocolate
- NOT A "WORKING" DOG (Family companion home only)
- Needs a home with terrier breed experience
- She would be fine with another dog. Put she has a high prey drive and so best without tiny or long haired dogs.

Estimated DOB: 4/22/2020
Weight: 17.5#

She is vaccinated, dewormed, defleaed, spayed, microchipped, heartworm negative and on monthly prevention, etc.

Millie is a purebred Patterdale Terrier. The breed is commonly used as a working dog to kill vermin and typically are treated as possessions being tied or kenneled outside spending their life 24/7 in the elements with little human interaction or love. This is NO LONGER the life for Millie.

Ive spent the past year working with her. She is extremely smart and attentive and eager to please. She still flinches at human touch and tenses up. But she quickly relaxes and wants pets and love. She deserves an amazing home that respects her terrier tendencies and will still love and spoil her like a member of the family. Shes great in a pack of different dogs here. But she has focused too much of the more fluffy ones and I dont leave them unattended. She will rough house and play chase and loves "fetch". She gets overly excited and will fixate on the ball though. So I wouldnt necessary recommend playing "fetch" or "tug owar" or games like that with her unless you are prepared for that hyper focused aggression. I typically dont encourage that behavior. But when training and getting to know the dog, I do push buttons to see how they will react. She of course loves hunting for lizards and squirrels and rats etc. You definitely need a securely fenced backyard with a minimum 6 fence. She walks well on leash and she loves going for car rides and is great in the car. 

She would make an amazing dog for an active home or one that does scent work or agility work or something that will still give her a job and focus her attention. Shes not a dog that wants to be crated all day while youre gone at work. Dont get me wrong, she loves to sleep on the sofa and snuggle and nap all day. But she also needs some sort of physical and mental stimulation. Shes got beauty and brains. Her new home should of course be understanding and patient as she learns to trust them and acclimate to a new environment and routine.

If you are interested in adopting, please cut and paste the link below to fill out an adoption application:

After the application is processed and approved, a home visit and meet and greet with the dogs will be scheduled. If there are any fencing issues, make sure that repairs are done prior to the home visit. Typically, the adoption is finalized the day after the home visit and meet and greet. Out of area adopters would need to drive/fly in to meet the dogs and adopt.


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