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In shelter Dog

Austin, TX, 78704
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Gray / Blue / Silver
"I truly cannot say enough great things about her. Shes an angel and deserves the best and most loving home of people who are dedicated to her care and giving her a beautiful and peaceful life." - Chandler, Volunteer who took Cleopatra on a Sleepover

"She is honestly the most well behaved dog we have ever known! We created a Facebook page for her called Cleopatra Bestdog because she is the best dog! " - Allison, foster who took Cleopatra on a Sleepover

This beautiful girl came to APA! with an injury that she is recovering well from, and she even gets around in a special set of wheels. Caring for her is easy, and our medical team will teach you everything you need to know to keep her happy and healthy.

Both of her sleepover hosts had glowing reports for Cleopatras behavior in their homes:
- Shes great on a leash with her wheels hooked in; 
- Shes an absolute sweetheart with other people. She trusts humans very quickly and if they give her neck scratches, she will follow them around everywhere. 
- She loves her teddy bear. She loved to play tug o war with it; 
- She LOVES people! She wants to be close to her humans as much as possible and will rest her head in your lap if you let her;
- She is very non-reactive and doesnt even bark at delivery people even though she could see them through the windows and glass door;
- She loves walks, but doesnt need to go very far;
- Shes a champion pill taker, and appreciates them wrapped in in turkey slices; 
- She has a woobie - a woven blue, purple, white and black blanket, and she LOVES it;
- Cleopatra loved to be near us, but did not demand attention. She would quietly sit on a bed next to me while I worked, and watched us while we cooked, cleaned, and did other tasks!

The shelter is no place for a queen like Cleopatra. Please take her home today!


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