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In shelter Dog

Baltimore, MD, 21209
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Meet Royalty: Your Perfect Companion!

Looking for a loyal, loving furry friend? Look no further! Royalty, a 6-year-old velcro dog, is eagerly awaiting her forever home. With her calm personality and delightful traits, Royalty is the ultimate companion dog. Heres why shes a fantastic addition to any family:

 Personality: Royalty is a velcro dog who thrives on human companionship. Shes independent and adaptable, making her a well-rounded companion.

Great with Young Kids: Royalty is gentle and patient with young children, ensuring a caring and protective presence.

Ideally the Only Pet: Royalty shines as the center of attention, craving all the love and affection for herself.

Intelligent and Treat Motivated: Smart and eager to learn, Royalty excels at mastering tricks and commands with treat motivation.

 Adventure Time: Royalty is the ultimate adventure buddy, enjoying long walks and car rides with her human companions.

Not an Early Riser: Royalty loves to sleep in, making her the perfect match for those who cherish their beauty sleep.

 Cuddles and Affection: A true cuddlebug, Royalty thrives on couch relaxation and affectionate moments.

Ready to invite a loyal and loving companion into your life? Royalty is waiting to meet you, bringing immeasurable joy, loyalty, and cuddles. Contact to inquire about adopting Royalty. Dont wait too long-Royalty wont be available for adoption for very long. Give her the forever family she deserves and prepare for a lifetime of love and happiness with your new furry family member!


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