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In shelter Dog

Burlington, VT, 05401
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
******Please note, once completing the initial screen you will be connected with the placement for a video chat. Transports run every few weeks and we will have the dog on the next available transport once approved. If you are not able to accept a dog until a specific time period, please apply at that time************

We are a volunteer run rescue and donate our time to these dogs. IF you are not serious about moving forward in our adoption process, please do not apply. If someone other than yourself is part of the decision making process, please make sure you have spoken with them and they are on board. We really do not want to waste anyones time if you are not serious about adopting this dog.

Bugs, 8 month old, spayed female, pitbull mix, 20lbs. Bugs is in a foster home in San Antonio, TEXAS and can transport out of state once an approved adopter is lined up!

Bugs was in the city shelter with her sister, Bunny, huddled together in the pre-euth area. We tagged both girls but her sister was adopted before we were able to pick them up, so Bugs has been safe in our care since.

Her nickname is Bugs McCuddles because she doesn’t pass up an opportunity to cuddle or be petted, especially if you are sitting down. She is super sweet and loving toward her humans. Timid with strangers but warms up quickly.  When Bugs gets excited from playing, she sometimes gets “mouthy’ with her foster and tries to nibble her hands or legs. Her foster is working with her with redirection.

Bugs, while initially timid and unsure meeting dogs, lives in a foster home with several resident dogs and plays with all sizes- large, medium, and small (80 lb. Staffordshire Terrier, 45lb Black mouth Cur, 30 lb. Shepherd mix to a 12 lb. Chiweenie). Bugs would do best in a home with another dog of similar age and energy level to continue building her confidence and socialization. 

Bugs plays hard: she enjoys playing chase & tackle, tug of war and with a tethered bungie/rope toy with her foster siblings.  She especially likes to play with stuffed toys that have squeakers, chew her antlers & cow hoofs. She enjoys playing when she wakes up early in the morning and throughout the day but she also really enjoys her naps at all hours of the day. Bugs’ energy when playing is middle of the road/moderate - she is quite chill for being so young.

Bugs is working on her leash walking right now, so she has not had a great deal of exposure to other dogs who are on a leash. Presently, Bugs freezes when we leash her. Super scared, Bugs came to her foster very frightened of everything including people, so even stepping outside took a couple of days. 

Bugs is 50% house broken and is transitioning from pee-pads to going outdoors and communicating her need to go by using bells on the door. Bugs is crated when her foster leaves and for sleeping at night, doing fine. Since she is still young and not yet house trained, Bugs is not left loose in the house while unattended.

Bugs has been around older kids - 12-16 years old - with no issues at all. We believe she would be okay with small children based on her energy level, which is moderate. We have no history of cats.

Bugs ideal home would be a moderately active one with a yard and another dog to play with of similar age and energy level. She will thrive in a home with forever parents who are patient and willing to work through Bug’s fears with her. Forever parents who are experienced dog owners, with a familiarity of rescue pup decompression stages. Bugs wants to be around her humans and cuddle, and she is eager to please.

***Listed BREED and AGE - We are taking our best guess & recommendations from our veterinarian on age, breed and size when fully grown. We rarely know a dogs exact age nor are we able to tell the true or full breed mix of dogs as our information is limited most of the time. ***

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