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In shelter Dog

McKinleyville, CA, 95519
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
LUNA What a sweet girl! This loving gal is such a goof, and all she wants to do is be loved. If given the opportunity, shell climb right into your lap! She is a leaner (please pet me!), and will stare at you with her big doe eyes while she chews on her toys. You can go ahead and cancel your Netflix subscription too, since her playful antics and silly noises she makes to talk to you will entertain you endlessly! She already knows sit, down and possibly more we havent yet discovered. She enjoys chasing after tossed toys too and will throw them up in the air for an extra bit of fun. Shes eager to go on her walks and is an easy walker. Miss Luna currently weighs in at 55lbs. Heres what Lunas volunteer friend had to say about her: If Luna isnt the easiest dog I have ever walked she is definitely in the top five. The leash was slack for 99.8% of the time I was walking her. The few times she did find herself at the end of the leash she would immediately come back. Luna paid no mind to the bicycles going by us. She did seem intrigued by the horses but maybe she had never seen one before. Luna appears to really like people. Every time we were approaching another person on the trail she would start wagging her tail. She would start walking towards the people but was always good about keeping four paws to the ground, asking permission to say hi, and being polite. We only came across one other dog. Neither one of the dogs seemed sure about it but Luna was super easy to call to me. Any time I tried to bend over to take pictures of her she tried to get in my lap. I asked her to sit once and she came over and sat in my lap. Very snuggly dog that is super sweet. On top of the dream walk and the crushed velvet face, Luna also has the most adorable wrinkled forehead.


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