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In shelter Dog

Oxford, ME, 04270
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Coat length:
Introducing Moxie: The Ultimate Energy Boost for Your Life!

Seeking a canine companion that embodies zest and zeal? Say hello to Moxie! With an infectious spirit, shes redefining what it means to be full of life. Early morning runs, dynamic fetch sessions, or playful rendezvous with fellow canines? For Moxie, thats just a warm-up!

Perfectly suited for families with vivacious dogs, or households with adults and teens. Given her boundless enthusiasm, shes a tad too energetic for the very young ones. Moxie thrives when given tasks, showcasing unmatched dedication until the jobs done.

And after a day packed with adventures? Shes your snuggle buddy, ready to cozy up for your favorite evening series, ensuring shes recharged for the next days escapades.

Embrace the joy and passion shes ready to bring into your world!

While Moxie is a bundle of joy, her high-energy nature means she requires consistent engagement and tasks throughout the day. If left unattended or with minimal activity, she may become anxious and stressed. Families with tight schedules or those seeking a low-maintenance pet might find Moxies vibrancy a tad overwhelming. A quick morning jog wont suffice; she thrives when her day is filled with diverse activities and playful challenges. For Moxie, its all about meaningful interactions and continual stimulation!

Moxie has had professional training, knows commands such as sit, heal, place. She is crate and house trained, loves people and other dogs. Moxie would make a great agility dog, dock dog, fast cat dog, fly ball dog etc. She would be an amazing dog for a family who loves to hike on the weekends. This girl is ready to go ??

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