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Daisy Mae   

In shelter Dog

Puyallup, WA, 98373
Pet name:
Daisy Mae
Pit Bull Terrier
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn
********We are a volunteer run rescue and donate our time to these dogs. IF you are not serious about moving forward in our adoption process, please do not apply. If someone other than yourself is part of the decision making process, please make sure you have spoken with them and they are on board. We really do not want to waste anyones time if you are not serious about adopting this dog.********

Daisy Mae, 5 years old, spayed female, Pitbull Terrier mix, 50 pounds. She is in a foster home in Portland, Oregon and is ready for meet and greets! If you live outside of the area for an in person met and greet, we can arrange transport. 

Daisy LOVES people and very much thinks she can be a lap dog. As with a lot of bully breeds, she can be stubborn about seeking attention out. Its important that her forever home is comfortable setting those boundaries with her. We have seen this become more of an issue with another dog in the home. 

Her current foster home has no pets. She was previously in a home with several other dogs. She does need proper introductions with resident dogs and a period of time to fully acclimate. She is not a fan of dogs who are in her face/space. She will get short zoomies and will run around the house/yard for small periods of time with another dog. She has a tendency to want all of the humans attention and this is something where boundaries will be important with another dog around. She would do great as the only pet or with another calm dog. 

We have no history with cats or kids. We recommend a home with kids 10 years and older who understand and respect animal boundaries. She has no issue with people and is happy to bounce around getting attention from everyone. 

Daisy is housebroken and does well when crated. Her crate has become her safe space. She walks well on the leash. She has found ways out of the current yard, so she will need a securely fenced yard or to be leashed. She rides great in the car. 

She is very loyal, food motivated and eager to please. She really wants everyone happy with her! She will do best in a home with someone who has experience with the breed. A home that will set firm boundaries for her, but done in a gentle way. 

Our adoption donation covers her transport cost to move her from Texas to Oregon. It also helps us offset her vaccines and monthly flea/heartworm preventions. She was saved from euthanasia at the county shelter in Houston, Texas. She spent awhile in boarding when her her initial foster home  had to move and could not take her. She has been in the PNW since September. 

***Listed BREED and AGE - We are taking our best guess & recommendations from our veterinarian on age, breed and size when fully grown. We rarely know a dogs exact age nor are we able to tell the true or full breed mix of dogs as our information is limited most of the time. ***

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