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In shelter Dog

Tehachapi, CA, 93561
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Sex: Female

Breed: Pitbull

Estimated Date of Birth : 12/06/2020

She wears the scars of a society plagued with disregard! Disregard for responsibility, disregard for value, disregard for life! How would she ever stand a chance in a society like that!!!! And she didnt. Bred until her body was unrecognizable. Discarded when she no longer had a use. She was valued only for what she could give and what she gave made her owners money. This is the life so many dogs endure. Its not a life wed wish on our worst enemy but "mans best friend" experiences this life time and time again. 

Dolores lived through the worst humanity had to offer. She held her head high and tired to be brave but that wasnt enough to save what she fiercely protected....her puppies. Every single one died during her time at the shelter. She was failed in the worst kind of way. She couldnt even take solice in motherhood. She had nothing and so we give her something she can live for a chance at life. Dogs like Dolores rarely make it out of the shelter environment. With her breed, color and altered body she was guaranteed a death sentence. A death sentence she did nothing to deserve. 

Dolores is currently decompressing at our rescue ranch. Shes been through unthinkable trauma. Although scared shes beyond sweet and just needs time to know and trust the new people she meets. She has made a lot of progress in the last week and is now giving kisses and letting ranch staff pet her. She is still very nervous but with time and patience we know shell be an amazing dog. She wants to engage with people so bad eventually that desire and all the good experiences her future holds will change her for the better. Love heals all and we know love is exactly what Dolores needs. If you are interested in adopting a Marleys Mutts please fill out an application at


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