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In shelter Dog

Tucson, AZ, 85745
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Basics 1. Housetrained? Yes- although if Im not allowed to go outside in time, I may have an accident, but I will feel bad about it. My medicine seems to make me need to use the bathroom more frequently, but I am already having way less accidents as I get into my new routine! My foster mom does not have a doggie door that is big enough for me to let myself out. 2. Good with dogs? Yes! I like to play & wrestle with other dogs, so a dog that up for some playtime would be fun to have live with me. 3. Good with cats? Yes- although I occasionally try to chase them because Id like to make friends with them, but my attention is easily redirected. Almost all the time, I leave them alone & will just walk by them once I know they dont want to play with me. 4. Good with kids? Unknown 5. Details on leash training, crate training, litter box training and other training commands known: I am so easy to walk on a leash- I dont pull at all! I seem to like crates, but my foster mom doesnt have one big enough for me to completely fit inside (I like to partially lay in a smaller crate though!). I take treats very gently from your hand. I also do just fine being left alone to roam the house when youre gone- I almost always know the difference between what is my toy and what I shouldnt play/chew on. I know commands too! I know sit, shake and no very well and am learning down, go lie down and leave it. 6. Details on personal history, if known (how did he/she arrive at the shelter): A good Samaritan dropped me off. This Animals Characteristics Please provide as much detail as possible. Specific behavior examples/experiences that illustrate their qualities are a big help! 1. Describe cuddling behavior/affection level: When you are home, I love to be in the same room with you! I love being pet, having my back scratched and resting my head in your lap. I get excited when you come home & hang out with me! But I am also okay with being home left alone when you need to leave and am happy to lay in a room beside you if you are busy while you are home. 2. Describe play behavior and favorite toys: I like to play with other dogs and like when you throw toys for me to fetch! My favorite toys are tennis balls and bones, but also like plush toys too. I am not destructive, so I keep most of my toys intact & dont tear them apart. I like to play with other dogs by chasing, wrestling & gently mouthing them. Although I am a bigger dog, I can calm down quickly if you need me to. 3. Describe activity level: Moderate- I like to play occasionally during the day, go on walks or run around the yard, but am calm and snuggly for most of the day. As my energy & pain continues to improve from Valley Fever, I may get more stamina to go for longer walks or to play longer! 4. Look into the animals eyes. What is he/she telling you? I love that you are my human and thank you for choosing to love me! 5. What are the best adjectives to describe them? Sweet, affectionate, well-mannered 6. What does the animal specifically DO that exemplifies those adjectives (ex. Maybe a good adjective for the dog is loving. You know that because he lays his head in your lap.) Lays her head in your lap & wants to be close to you. Enjoys pets & scratches! Loves to wag her tail to show you how happy she is. Listens well to the command no, isnt hyper and is not destructive. Will follow you from room to room to be with you, but isnt needy/too snuggly if you need space. 7. What are the animals best qualities? I am the best of both worlds- I am a mix of loving to play & have fun and also loving to cuddle & settle down with you to relax. I am so happy when you stay home with me, but also am okay with being home alone when you need to leave. I dont bark much or obsessively, but if I am alarmed by someone at the door, I will let them know I am here with just a few barks! I am affectionate and love having humans who will love me back. 8. What are your favorite things about him or her? Cute behaviors? I am not a noisy/barking dog, but have an array of very cute noises/whines/sighs I make to communicate with you. I am smart & listen well! I also am affectionate without being needy. I love to carry a tennis ball around with me when I am feeling playful. 9. What is/are your favorite physical characteristic(s) of this of this animal? I have a beautiful brindle coat with very cute floppy ears! My tail wags a lot to show you how happy I am that you are in my life! I also have a cute smile when I get tired after playtime. 10. What would the ideal home look like for him/her? I can be happy in a variety of homes, especially in one where my humans appreciate me follow them from room to room inside the house (I get hot quickly when I am outside because of my undercoat). I could be your only dog, but would also be happy to have other dogs to play with! I am cat friendly too. 11. Anything else that would make this animal stand out to an adopter? I am a smart, sweet girl who picks up on training quickly! Medical/Behavior Issue 1. Any medical issues? Recovering from Valley Fever. Bone lesions/mobility problems from them have been improving pretty dramatically over just 1.5 months. 2. Any behavior issues? My foster moms smaller dog picked nipped at me when we were still getting to know each other and I fought back (but did not cause any harm). No big concerns, but I should meet other dogs & may want to be in a house with dogs that are not too small/nippy and enjoy playing with me! 3. Any other special concerns? I have an undercoat, so I get hot if I am outside too long when it is warm out.