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In shelter Dog

Waynesboro, PA, 17268
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Gray / Blue / Silver
Meet Coco! Coco is one of our longest residents at the shelter and is looking for a special home to help teach her that the world is not so scary.
We are looking for a very structured foster or adoptive home for Coco due to some of the behaviors we have seen here in the shelter. Coco is very excitable and has a hard time calming herself down. When she is kept to a routine, less of these behaviors appear. Staff has been working with Coco to learn that calm behavior equals more attention and rewards! 
All interactions with Coco need to be done in a calm manner and stop if Coco starts getting overstimulated. 
This girl will need to go into an adult-only home, and without other animals. She would do best in a home where someone can dedicate time long-term to her training. We are unsure of how Coco was treated in her past, but we can only imagine it was not kindly. She is quick to react to situations or people that she finds uncomfortable or scary and can take multiple meetings to warm up to new people. Due to this, we are suggesting only positive training in her future. Coco is very treat motivated and enjoys snuffle mats and they have worked as great training tools for her!
 Coco has stolen the hearts of many staff and we would love to see her thrive in a home. The staff who works with her has seen how sweet Coco can be and how hard she has worked to be her best and not to mention that big smile!
We are able to see the playful, goofy side of this pup and want her to find a home where she is comfortable enough to show that to someone else! If you are potentially interested in fostering or adopting Coco, please speak to staff to further discuss her behaviors and what placement we are seeking for her.


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