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In shelter Dog

Wooster, OH, 44691
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Meet our girl Tina! This adorable little power plant is a 10-month old pit bull mix girl that burns mega calories every day to keep her at a trim 40 to 45 pounds. Tina is a very busy girl, always on the go investigating things to satisfy her curiosity, but with her short puppy attention span, the investigations dont last long before shes off to something else. 

Tina does love getting all the attention, and has been so very good for all of her vetting and grooming handling, but if she gets too excited, her manners go out the window. For example, when reminded, she takes treats very politely; but if shes too amped up, she forgets to be careful of fingers. 

Tina is a clean slate, eager to learn all the good girl manners and commands she can; she just needs someone calm and patient to learn from. Tina was happy to meet other dogs during our testing here, but her uber-high energy, dominant playstyle can be too much for some dogs, so a meet and greet would be best to ensure chemistry. 

Tina was way too much for possible kitty friends, pawing and snapping at them when introduced so a home with no kitties would suit Tina best. We have not had any issues with Tina and children, but due to her energy we believe older children would be a better fit if she were to adopt a family with children.

For more information on this cutie, please visit or call the Wayne County Dog Shelter at 330-345-1018.

*Meet & greet for possible dog friends
*No kitty friends, please
*Best suited for older children or young adult homes


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