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In shelter Dog

Austin, TX, 78704
Pet name:
Plott Hound
If you come to meet Felicity and give her nose a massage, she will decide youre her new best friend. She loves getting nose petting and massages! She wants to be next to her human friends. When her foster mom is on her computer, Felicity snuggles on her feet, hoping shell pet her nose. 

Felicity is also very playful. She has fun playing with her doggie sister and playing tug-o-war, keep-away, and chase with her people and then chewing up her toys. She also loves playing with water hoses and sprinklers. Plus, shes always looking for rocks and carries them in her mouth.

She also loves going for walks and does well. She will pull to sniff things and may bark at dogs she sees. She gets very excited when meeting new people and children and may hop up to greet them but is getting better about it. She can also be very energetic and bouncy with people and is fearful of veterinarians, so is under more training. 

Felicity is smart and already understands many commands, including shake, catch, muzzle, sit, wait, and touch. Her behavior is perfect when her fosters are away from home. She just goes to sleep. A crate is available, and she may go in it, but doesnt have to. And she is house-trained.

This sweet, affectionate girl will love a patient parent who has a lot of time to continue her training and help her become comfortable with veterinarians. She may do best in a home with adults only while she learns to become less bouncy with kids. 

Come meet this beautiful girl. And you can see more of her on Instagram: big_feef


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