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Pansie--SHARES TOYS!   

In shelter Dog

Franklin, TN, 37064
Pet name:
Pansie is ready for a new home!  She is making progress as she transitions from a kennel situation to a home situation in her foster home.  She loves the outdoors and was used to a doggy door in her previous home.  She gets the zoomies and runs about in the fenced in yard.  Pansie likes to be around someone constantly and really just likes to follow you room to room. She loves to be petted and stroked and is really making huge strides in her comfort level.  She is a little hesitant to come to you when asked but each day is gaining confidence.  She is really adjusting and even enjoys boat rides!  Some other things that make her adorable is that she loves to bring you her toys and especially coozies! Pansie likes to sleep with you and settles nicely next to you.  We are requiring a SECURE fence (Shes small so can get out of gaps in a fence). Pansie seems to be allergic to grass so she uses a small area of artificial turf which works well for her. She does not enjoy being outside to goes outside and potties quickly and runs right back inside to make sure she hasn’t missed anything! She weighs about 10-12 pounds probably because she would medal in EATING if it was an Olympic sport!  Pansie is nervous around big dogs but seems to enjoy dogs that arent intimidating to her. 

If you think Pansie is the one for you, email to get an application.  This is the best way to get an application.


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