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In shelter Dog

Vienna, ON, N0J 1Z0
Pet name:
Blossom Oh Blossom     Pretty Red Cock-a-poo !

Blossom will be 6 months soon, around 18 lbs.. She is a puppy mill survivor with some fears. She is “blossoming” in her foster home. She is silly and learning to be a puppy with mischievous fun and gets the ZOOMIES when she’s at home with her foster.  She makes her foster Mom laugh with her antics. How do puppy mill puppies know about stealing slippers and shoes, she came into it naturally but is now starting to lose interest.  She loves her buddy the resident dog and loves to play with her. She is a smart little cookie. She used a pee pad the first day here as she was so scared. But is well on the way to being house trained and hasn’t done anything in the house since the first day on the pee pad. She sleeps in her crate at night quietly. She is a flight risk that hopefully will not last as she is young. Like a lot of puppy mill dogs she likes to gently bop you with her nose to let you know she Is there. A securely fenced yard is a must. Another dog to play with and learn the ropes from would be a great asset and comfort for her. Someone home a good amount of time is best as she doesn’t like to be left but will settle with another dog around. Someone with experience with a fearful dog and patience to help her be all she can be. She is shy of new places and people but will get better with patience and time. Signing her up for obedience training with a positive reinforcement trainer would help her start her life out in your home to be a good pup and is a good way to bond with your dog.

Blossom’s adoption fee is $850 which includes spay, vaccines, microchip, deworming, heartworm test, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, and complete checkup.  If you are interested in adopting Blossom, please fill out our adoption application on our website


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