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Marley & Diesel   

In shelter Dog

Etobicoke, ON, M8Z 4L5
Pet name:
Marley & Diesel
UPDATE: September 2023

This adorable pair are doing well in their foster home. They are a dear duo and much loved by their foster parents.

Diesel has had his dentistry and recovered well.

Marley had her mastectomy and has recovered. The doctor was able to remove most of her cancer but sadly we learned that it has spread to other areas in her body. The vet felt that it was not in her best interest to undergo further surgeries as it would not be possible to guarantee she would be cancer free.
At this time she is considered palliative. Despite this diagnosis Marley continues to enjoy her days. She is stable at this time and pain free. She has slowed down a bit in the last couple of months but is a happy little dog!
We are dedicated to her well being and will make sure she gets everything she requires.

A big thank you to their foster parents who give both of these dogs the best of care!

Meet Marley & Diesel

An Adorable Duo!

Marley and Diesel are the sweetest pair of dogs! We took them in from a shelter in Ontario. They were surrendered due to their owners moving. They are a bonded pair and we will not separate them. They are both 10 years old.
Marley and Diesel are very affectionate dogs and love attention. They are still active and love to go for walks and spend outdoors. Marley enjoys cuddling up while watching TV and Diesel is not that far away having a good snooze on his bed. Diesel enjoys playing fetch with his chewy bone.

They are sharing their foster home with other dogs and get along just fine. We do not know about cats.

We are in the process of getting their vetting up-to-date. Both dogs are up to date on their vaccines. Marley is spayed and Diesel is neutered. Marley had an aggressive form of mammary cancer. She had her first surgery at the shelter where a few tumours were removed successfully. Marley is in good health otherwise, so another surgery is scheduled on September 23rd - she will have a full mastectomy. Diesels health is good.  He will be having dental cleaning.

We will post updates after their procedures.

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