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2311-0015 Doja   

In shelter Dog

Virginia Beach, VA, 23451
Pet name:
2311-0015 Doja
DOJA - 1-5 years old, 48 pounds, friendly, active.

Doja arrived at VBACAC as a stray but we were able to find her original owner who explained Doja was given to a different family several months ago. Its time Doja find a home where shes cherished, cared for, and watched over. Doja is young, vibrant and active. She has gorgeous brown fur, expressive wrinkles on her face, and some of the cutest teefers which you can see in her photos! She is a daily participant in our shelter playgroup and can get along with other dogs but we are always supervising. She loves to run and chase other dogs, def likes being in charge of them! She has also been paired with a dog she met in our playgroup so she does now have company in her cage and everything is good. We do always feed separately when we put dogs together. Doja may or may not be house trained so please be ready for possible accidents as she gets used to a new home and routine.

Come visit her!

VBACAC 341 S Birdneck Road, VB

Open daily 12-5 pm


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