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Sadie Sawmill   

In shelter Dog

Fort Lupton, CO, 80621
Pet name:
Sadie Sawmill
Meet Sadie! This incredible girl is staying with a foster family as she waits to find her forever home - with you!

Sadie has tons of energy for running, exploring, and playing and she wants to go home with someone who loves to be out and about. She enjoys running, car rides, splashing in the river, playing fetch, and tug of war. Yet despite being so excitable shes always so gentle with all of her toys! Its adorable! Around the house she loves spending time with her people and after some exercise she happily curls up next to you to cuddle or sleep.

Sadie is food motivated, incredibly smart, and a fast learner. Shes potty trained, crate trained, and non-destructive around the house and she knows how to sit, lay down, come, follow, and more!

Sadie is shy with new humans but VERY loyal to those she knows. She has a handful of playmates in the neighborhood but is still learning to properly introduce herself to new furry friends. Sometimes she gets so excited to meet a new friend that she scares herself or others, so she would benefit from a patient, firm adopter who can teach her appropriate greetings with humans and other dogs.

Sadie is so loving and eager to please, with a little time to get to know you shes going to become your best friend. ♥"

This animal is in a foster home. If you would like to meet this animal, go to to fill out an adoption application. When submitting your adoption application make sure to submit a good clear picture of your living room, kitchen, and yard. If you rent, you must provide proof animals are allowed. We will contact references. Once the application is reviewed our adoptions coordinator will send your information to the foster to set up a meet and greet.

We ask that all members of the household come for a meet and greet to ensure there are no personality clashes. If you have other dogs in the home and are meeting a dog you must bring them for the meet and greet. Filling out an adoption application does not mean you will be adopting the animal. Doing a meet and greet with one of our animals does not guarantee you are adopting the animal. We will select the family we feel is the best choice for that animal after screening and meeting applicants.


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