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Bonnie 11276   

In shelter Dog

San Francisco, CA, 94141
Pet name:
Bonnie 11276
Shih Tzu
Gray / Blue / Silver
Meet Bonnie, the lovable canine with a heart as big as her floppy ears. This sweet mellow lady is a pro at making furry friends and gets along famously with other dogs. With her gentle nature and adorable looks, Bonnie is the epitome of cuteness. Whether shes wagging her tail or giving you those puppy-dog eyes, Bonnie has mastered the art of stealing hearts. This cute little lady has a way of making every day brighter with her presence.
Your life is about to get a whole lot brighter with this adorable four-legged friend by your side!

Heres some notes from her foster: 

Bonnie is a sweet, delicate little girl with a personality as soft as her salt and pepper coat. She is visually impaired, but still gets around just fine. When I first brought her home, she would occasionally get lost and nervous and just need reassurance that someone was here. After just a couple of days, though, she started feeling more comfortable and now finds her way around the house easily. 

Bonnies favorite things to do are nap and go on short walks. She makes a great work from home partner, as she will nap quietly while I work and wake up long enough for a short walk in the neighborhood or to explore the backyard and lounge in the sun. She enjoys snuggling in the evening and sleeps well through the night. She is pretty reliably house-trained, though she does sometimes need a little extra encouragement to go out for her last potty before bed.

Bonnie would love to live in a calm, quiet home with a family who shares her relaxed and easy-going lifestyle.


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